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    Jaidalyn Scholtens - Hudsonville Livestock; LAMB; Weight: 140

    Tag: 718; Processor: Caledonia Packing; Processing Date: 08-30-2021. BIDS ARE PER POUND. FINAL BID PER POUND WILL BE MULTIPLIED BY WEIGHT OF ANIMAL FOR FINAL AMOUNT DUE. If there is a Lot A and Lot B (2 animals for same exhibitor) both animals will go on auction block at same time and the highest bid will have choice to buy both or either. Online bidders will have 30 seconds to make that choice.**NOTE: FOR ONLINE BIDS CHOICE IS DONE VIA CHAT ROOM ON THE AUCTION. If online bidder does not respond with choice within 30 seconds, the winning online winning bid will be sold the heaviest of the two animals.